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Novità Hypex - nCore MP Series

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Novità Hypex - nCore MP Series  Empty Novità Hypex - nCore MP Series

Messaggio Da ice--79 il Ven 22 Apr 2016 - 18:26

Su AV Magazine, un utente ha da poco postato una mail in cui vengono annunciati nuovi prodotti Hypex

We are proud to finally announce our complete new range of NCore® amplifiers. For the past few years we’ve been working towards a new product line based on our well known NCore® technique. From single channel modules to stereo modules, high power to low power, it is all there. We’ve even designed a dedicated 100W NCore® high-frequency amplifier as an add-on for the whole series. This tiny amplifier works off the on-board SMPS from the modules it is connected to, so it doesn’t have an on-board SMPS. It connects to the whole NCxxxMP series, so you can go up to a 3-way NCore® system with little to no effort at all.

An overview:

NC122MP (2x125W)
NC250MP (1x250W)
NC252MP (2x250W)
NC500MP (1x500W)
NC502MP (2x500W)
NC100HF (1x100W High-frequency)

Please note: The NC122MP and NC250MP are now available for sample ordering. Lead time for these samples is 30 days. Please mail to: sales@hypex.nl

DS subwoofer plate amplifiers:

With the introduction of so many new amplifiers we had to come to terms with the fact that “too much” is not always a good thing. The DS subwoofer amps have been around for quite some time now and we’ve made the decision to move on. Of course the DS will need a replacement in the form of a new plate-amplifier solution. In this case: We’ll keep you posted.

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Novità Hypex - nCore MP Series  Empty Re: Novità Hypex - nCore MP Series

Messaggio Da gigetto il Sab 23 Apr 2016 - 9:39

Vedremo estetica, prezzi reperibilità e sopratutto....ascolto....

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