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Lista Diffusori Monitor

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Lista Diffusori Monitor

Messaggio Da pincellone il Ven 31 Lug 2009 - 16:58

Ho trovato un elenco di diffusori monitor. Sono quasi tutti attivi, ma spesso si trova anche l'analogo modello passivo da utilizzare con un amplificatore a parte. Si tratta ovviamente di prodotti professionali destinati agli studi di registrazione, quindi i costi sono abbastanza elevati


ADAM Audio A7 Powered Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6.5” carbon fiber woofer; Accelerated Ribbon Technology tweeter; twin 50W amps; front panel detented volume control; EQ controls; tweeter control; RCA/XLR inputs; magnetic shielding.

Price: $999 per pair.

Contact: ADAM Audio USA at 818-991-3800, www.adam-audio.com

Alesis M1Active 320 USB Powered Monitors

Features: Two-way; USB 1.1 audio interface, TRS, RCA,1/4” and 1/8” inputs; 3” lightweight, magnetically-shielded woofer; 1” silk dome tweeter; 80Hz to 20kHz frequency response; 10W per channel RMS; 16-bit, 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling rate D/A conversion.

Price: $199 per pair.

Contact: Alesis at 401-658-5760, www.alesis.com

Alto M4A Active Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; two 4” woofers; 1” silk dome tweeter; bi-amplified with 30W HF amp and 60W LF amp; 112dB maximum SPL; shielded magnets.

Price: $219 each.

Contact: Alto/ART at 716-297-2920, www.altoproaudio.com

ATC SCM 300 ASL Pro Main Reference Monitors

Features: Three-way; twin 15” Super Linear woofers; 3” soft dome midrange driver; 34mm dome tweeter; four-way Class A monoblock amp delivering 275W LF, 200W midrange, and 100W HF power; 121dB continuous SPL; Grounded Source Topology; several finishes.

Price: $32,250 per pair.

Contact: ATC/TransAudio Group at 702-365-5155, www.transaudiogroup.com

Avant Electronics AvantoneMixCubes

Features: 5.25” passive full-range 8 ohm paper cone driver; high-rigidity MDF cabinet/baffle for low resonance; radiused corners/edges for diffraction reduction; female mic stand mount in base; magnetically shielded; powered version available.

Price: $199 per pair.

Contact: Avant Electronics at 909-931-9061, www.avantelectronics.com

Bag End M-6 Time Align Loudspeaker System

Features: Two-way; 6” cone woofer; 1” coaxially mounted neodymium tweeter; equalizer filter @ 3.5kHz; five-way binding posts; 3/4” MDF; black textured paint finish enclosure.

Price: $2,130.

Contact: Bag End at 847-382-4550, www.bagend.com

Behringer Truth B2030P High-Resolution Reference Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6 3/4” polypropylene diaphragm LF; ferrofluid-cooled tweeter; 75Hz to 21kHz frequency response; passive design.

Price: $189 per pair.

Contact: Behringer at 425-672-0816, www.behringer.com

Blue Sky International EXO Stereo Monitoring System

Features: Two two-way satellites and one subwoofer; 3” woofer; 1” soft-dome tweeter for satellite; 8” woofer for sub; 35W amp per satellite; 90W amp subwoofer; desktop remote control/connection hub (XLR/TRS, RCA and 3.5mm mini jack inputs); headphone output jack.

Price: $399

Contact: Blue Sky International at 516-249-1399, www.abluesky.com

Digidesign RM1 Active Reference Monitors

Features: Two-way; 5.5” doped cone with cast alloy chassis; 1” fabric soft dome with ferrofluid cooling; 3kHz crossover frequency; 50Hz to 25kHz response; XLR analog and digital (AES/EBU) inputs; 24-bit/96kHz conversion rate; 111dB peak SPL at 1m.

Price: $2,498 per pair.

Contact: Digidesign at 650-731-6300, www.digidesign.com

Dynaudio Acoustics BM 6A MKII Powered Analog Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6.9” woofer; 1.1” soft dome tweeter; 100W LF amp; 50W HF amp; integrated positioning filters (LF/MF/HF shelving/notch); 60/80Hz high-pass filter; clip indicator LED; slow attack optical HF protection; balanced XLR input.

Price: $1,745 per pair

Contact: Dynaudio Acoustics/TC Electronic at 818-665-4900, www.dynaudioacoustics.com

Equator Audio Research Q Series Monitor

Features: Two-way, Zero-Point Reference Coaxial transducers; 8” coaxial LF; 1” coaxial dome compression driver with resin-coated constant directivity horn; 38Hz to 22kHz frequency response; bi-amplified, 400W LF peak, 400W HF peak; 2kHz crossover; XLR, TRS balanced inputs and USB in/thru; DSP with 24-bit/96kHz processing; SRC secondary reflection correction system (optional).

Price: $1,500.

Contact: Equator Audio Research at 888-772-0087, www.equatoraudio.com

Event Electronics ASP8 Studio Precision 8 Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8” mineral-filled polypropylene cone with neodymium magnet; 1” ferrofluid-cooled soft dome tweeter; 35Hz to 20kHz, +/-3dB; bi-amplified with 200W LF amp, 80W HF amp; 2.6kHz crossover; balanced XLR and TRS input; continuously variable HF and LF trim; switchable 80Hz 2nd order HPF.

Price: $749 each.

Contact: Event Electronics at 805-566-7777, www.event1.com

Fostex PM-1 MKII Powered Monitor

Features: Two-way; bi-amplified, 120W total power; 25mm soft dome HF driver with Poly Urethane Film Laminated Cloth (LFLC) technology; 160mm LF woofer; input gain control.

Price: $499 per pair

Contact: Fostex at 310-329-2960, www.fostex.com

Genelec 8240A Biamplified DSP Loudspeaker

Features: Two-way; 6.5” woofer; 3/4” tweeter; 90W LF amp; 90W HF amp; AES digital and XLR analog inputs; MDE cabinet; onboard calibration DSP with GLM software.

Price: $1,595 each.

Contact: Genelec USA at 508-652-0900, www.genelecusa.com

Griffin Audio G1.5 Active In-Wall Monitor

Features: Three-way; 15” woofer; twin 9” midrange woofers; insoplanar ribbon tweeter; 500W LF amp; twin 250W mid/high frequency amps; DSP active controls; cabinet in choice of wood and finish.

Price: $19,900 per pair.

Contact: Griffin Audio USA at 914-248-7680, www.griffinaudiousa.com

Hot House PRM 165 Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6.5” long-throw woofer; 1” recessed soft dome tweeter; magnetic shielding.

Price: $1,399 per pair

Contact: Hot House at 845-691-6077, www.hothousepro.com

JBL LSR4328P Powered Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8” neodymium woofer; 1” neodymium tweeter; Linear Spatial Reference technology; 150W LF amp; 70W HF amp; boundary compensation settings; Room Mode Correction technology; HiQnet; wireless remote and Control Center software; magnetic shielding.

Price: $1,399 per pair.

Contact: JBL Professional at 800-852-5776, www.jblpro.com

Klein + Hummel 0300D Three-Way Active Studio Monitor

Features: Three-way; 8” woofer; 3” dome midrange driver; 1” titanium/fabric dome tweeter; triamplified; magnetic shielding; switchable transformer balanced analog/digital inputs; 40Hz to 20kHz; onboard EQ; 24-bit D/A converter; onboard 150W LF amp; dual 65W amps.

Price: $3,395 each.

Contact: Klein + Hummel/Sennheiser USA at 860-434-9190, www.sennheiserusa.com.

KRK Systems Rokit Generation 2 Series Powered Studio Monitors

Features: Two-way; 3 models with glass aramid 5”, 6” and 8” composite cone woofers; 1” neodymium soft dome tweeter; bi-amplified with active crossover; input gain control; radiused cabinet edges and curved front baffles; molded front-facing bass port.

Price: $149 to $249.

Contact: KRK Systems at 818-534-1500, www.krksys.com

Lipinski Sound L-707

Features: Two-way; Twin 7” glass fiber woofers; 1” neodymium tweeter; time adjusted; magnetic shielding; 1” MDF cabinet; 56Hz to 20kHz.

Price: $2,495 each.

Contact: Lipinski Sound at 877-876-4844, www.lipinkskisound.com

Mackie Designs HR824mk2 High-Resolution Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8.75” woofer; 1” titanium ferrofluid-cooled tweeter; Optimized Waveguide; 150W LF amplifier; 100W HF amplifier; cast-aluminum Zero Edge Baffle; passive radiator extends bass to 35Hz; acoustic space, LF roll-off and HF controls; MoniMount ready; THX pm3 certified.

Price: $799 each.

Contact: Mackie Designs at 800-258-6883, www.mackie.com

M-Audio EX66 Reference Monitor

Features: Two-way; twin 6” piston linear woofers; 1” titanium dome tweeter; Optimage II waveguide; onboard DSP; 24-bit/192kHz digital inputs; twin 100W amplifiers.

Price: $699 each.

Contact: M-Audio at 866-633-9050, www.m-audio.com

Meyer Sound HD-1 High Definition Audio Monitor

Features: Two-way; bi-amplified Class A/AB operation, 150W/75W; 8” cone LF driver; 1” soft dome tweeter; flat frequency response, +/- 1dB from 40 Hz to 20kHz; 120dB max SPL at 1m; XLR input.

Price: POA.

Contact: Meyer Sound at 510-486-1166, www.meyersound.com

NHT M-80 Xd Tracking Monitor

Features: Three-way; twin 8” magnesium cone woofers; twin 2” aluminum dome mids; one 1” aluminum dome tweeter; XdA DSP processor/amplifier plus ‘slave’ 250W XdB amp.

Price: $7,000 per pair.

Contact: NHT at 800-648-9993, www.nhthifi.com

SAC Pro Audio Pump 8A Powered Direct Field Monitors

Features: Two-way; 8” mineral-filled polypropylene cone woofer; 1” ferrofluid-cooled soft dome tweeter; biamplified; 100W LF amp; 50W HF amp; front volume control; magnetic shielding; delay protection circuit.

Price: $529 per pair.

Contact: SAC Pro Audio/Kaysound at 514-633-8877, www.sac-pro.com.

Samson Resolv A6 Active Studio Reference Monitors

Features: Two-way; 6.5” woven carbon fiber woofer; 1.25” silk dome tweeter; active crossover; bi-amplified with 75W LF amp and 25W HF amp; 40Hz to 30kHz frequency response; four-position high-frequency lift control; XLR and TRS balanced inputs, RCA unbalanced inputs; solid MDF construction.

Price: $499 per pair.

Contact: Samson Technologies at 800-3-SAMSON, www.samsontech.com

SLS PS8R Powered Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8” woofer; 5” planar ribbon HF driver; SLS/Evenstar Sigma-Delta 1-bit digital biamplification; 270W LF amp; 50W HF amp; balanced XLR inputs with volume control; 111 dB max calculated at 1m, continuous output.

Price: $1,570 each.

Contact: SLS Loudspeakers at 417-883-4549, www.slsaudio.com

Tannoy Precision 8D

Features: Two-way; 8” Dual Concentric driver; concentrically mounted 1” titanium tweeter; 1” titanium SuperTweeter; Wideband technology; 120W LF amp; 60W HF amp; Active-Assist software.

Price: $1,029 each.

Contact: Tannoy North America at 519-745-1158, www.tannoy.com

Tapco S8 Active Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; 8” woofer; 1” Waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeter; twin 60W amplifiers; LF boost, HF boost/cut controls; balanced TRS/XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs; magnetically shielded.

Price: $619 per pair.

Contact: Tapco at 877-TAPCO-69, www.tapcogear.com

TASCAM VL-A Series Powered Monitors

Features: Two-way; bi-amplified 35W, 90W, or 140W design; 4”, 6” or 8” direct-radiating bass reflex woofers with port; 1” dome tweeter; magnetically shielded; optional subwoofer.

Price: $199 to $499

Contact: TASCAM at 323-726-0303, www.tascam.com

Trident LS102A Powered Monitors

Features: Two-way; two 4” white-coned low-to-mid drivers; one 1” dome tweeter; magnetic shielding; 120W RMS; balanced input; input sensitivity adjustable from muted to +10dBV; 55Hz to 22kHz; sensitivity 85dB with a very low distortion rating; black vinyl cabinet.

Price: $1,960 per pair; $6,311 for 5.1 surround system with subwoofer.

Contact: Trident Audio Ltd. at 011 44 147 481 5300, www.tridentaudio.co.uk.

Yamaha MSP7 Professional Studio Monitor

Features: Two-way; 6.5” polypropylene cone woofer; 1” titanium dome tweeter; onboard 80W LF amp; onboard 50W HF amp; level, high trim, low trim controls; one-piece molded enclosure with rounded baffle; magnetic shielding.

Price: $699 each.

Contact: Yamaha Corporation Of America at 714-522-9000, www.yamahaca.com
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Re: Lista Diffusori Monitor

Messaggio Da Silver Black il Ven 31 Lug 2009 - 17:10

Marco questa discussione come "importante" così rimane in cima alla pagina, perchè merita davvero! Oki

T-Forum, non solo classe T.
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Re: Lista Diffusori Monitor

Messaggio Da bonghittu il Ven 31 Lug 2009 - 17:12

Ottimo lavoro, grazie Pince Smile
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Re: Lista Diffusori Monitor

Messaggio Da LakyV il Ven 26 Lug 2013 - 19:00

Qui le prime della lista ad un prezzo un po' più basso Oki 

Dovrebbero essere le stesse, anche se qui le da per 150watt Mmm Mmm 
Davvero notevoli Wink 


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Re: Lista Diffusori Monitor

Messaggio Da Cancius il Mer 18 Gen 2017 - 11:44

Buongiorno a tutti, volevo segnalare le NUBERT la serie NuPro.
Le trovate su amazon.de, oppure direttamente sul loro sito.
Hanno una ricca gamma di diffusori sia attivi che passivi, non li ho visti dal vivo, nè sentiti, ma a giudicare dai test e dalle recensioni paiono davvero di ottimo livello.
Qualcuno di voi può dare notizie dirette?

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Re: Lista Diffusori Monitor

Messaggio Da Contenuto sponsorizzato

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