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rePhase: strumento per la linearizzazione delle casse

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rePhase: strumento per la linearizzazione delle casse

Messaggio Da Marco Ravich il Lun 27 Ago 2012 - 12:35

Appena scoperto, qualcuno lo conosce ?

rePhase let you generate finite impulse responses (FIR) specifically tailored to reverse the phase shifts introduced by your loudspeakers' crossovers, leading to a linear-phase system.

As a bonus, It can also generate linear-phase EQ and crossover filters of arbitrary slopes.

You will need a convolution engine to run the generated impulse, such as the minidsp openDRC, foobar2000 convolver or VST convolver, among many other software and hardware tools.

rePhase does not include any impulse or frequency response visualization functionality, so you are strongly advised to use a proper impulse analysis tool to check your results, such as HOLMImpulse, Align2 or Arta.

Sorry for the lack of documentation.
You can ask questions and report bugs on these forums:

*no thread started yet, but it will be on the diyaudio forum*


Use at your own risk and enjoy!

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